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General Questions

To get help, feel free to fill in the above form on this page or email us at support@uplinkrobotics.com. We’ll be sure to be in contact with you ASAP.

No. We currently do not ship internationally.

If you are sending a crawler back to us under warranty, we recommend that you reach out to us prior to shipping the crawler. This will help us understand your issue and determine the best method of fixing the issue. Once you reach out, you will need to ship the crawler to our office at:

UplinkRobotics LLC
1938 East Harney Street, STE 157
Laramie, WY 82072

Once received, we will fix any parts under warranty and ship the product back to you at our own expense.

The customer is responsible for the expense of shipping to the UplinkRobotics LLC office. UplinkRobotics is then responsible for the expense of shipping the crawler back to the customer.

General Crawler Related Questions

No. Our crawlers are NOT waterproof. 

The servo on the Marten and Mink inspection crawlers will not rotate if the crawler is turned on prior to the controller.  Turn off both the controller and the crawler, then start by turning on the controller first, and then the crawler.

Battery life depends on use. The crawler will be able to run between 4-10 hours depending on use.

Our Mink does not include a video streaming camera. This is up to the customer to purchase their own camera or use one they already own. Many HD video streaming cameras (such as GoPros and Insta360) state video streaming distances of between 50 and 60 feet.

The Marten video will become lower quality the farther you go with a estimated cut out range of 500 feet. Obstacles such as concrete foundations can reduce this range. Click here to view our range test video so you can see the range of the Marten.

Marten Specific Questions

Sometimes when the crawler creeps along on it’s own, you can set the trim on the controller. There are little rocker switches on the left side of and below the right joystick (the driving joystick). If you bump these switched in a direction, it will trim the control stick to counter the crawler creeping along. If you go too far, it’ll start moving the other way on it’s own, but there is a sweet spot where it won’t move forward or backward. Also, wiggle the joystick on the transmitter before you turn it on to make sure that it is centered properly as it can get caught not quite centered.

The controller does have sensitivity adjustments! If you hold down the “OK” button, it’ll take you to a settings menu where you can use the “UP”, “DOWN”, “OK”, and “CANCEL” buttons to navigate around. If you go into “Functions Setup” and start scrolling down, there should be an option for “Dual rate/exp”. Here you can change the curve for each channel. CH1 is steering input, CH2 is speed input, and CH3 is the camera tilt. If you change anything here, you need to hold the “CANCEL” button for the settings to save.

The screen display on the controller doesn’t show much information. It displays the voltage of the controller (TX), the voltage the receiver is getting on the crawler (RX), and the error rate that corresponds to you signal strength. Note that the RX battery level doesn’t correspond to the battery level of the crawler itself.

Due to the size constraints of the crawler, the SD card may be a little difficult for some to reach with bigger hands! We are starting to ship new Marten crawlers with tweezers to remove the SD card much easier. If you bought the Marten crawler prior to us shipping SD card tweezers, please contact us and we will ship you a complimentary tweezer.

Marten Crawlers are shipped with a protective peel film on the camera lens. This helps protect the camera lens during transportation. Leaving this film on will result in a blurry video feed. Peel this film off to clear the video feed and record crystal clear video.

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