What We Do?

We Build Inspection Robotics To Make Your Job Easier.

Mink - Action Camera Inspection Crawler.

An Inspection Robot that Holds Your Camera.

The Mink is a 4WD remote controlled inspection crawler capable of working when flipped! It holds many types of GoPros and Action Cameras that can live-stream video to your smartphone.

Pika - Mini Inspection Crawler

An Inspection Robot in a Small Form Factor.

The Pika, named after the small mountain rodent, is capable of exploring the depths of areas that are inaccessible to humans. This is done by it’s long distance analog video stream and it’s small form factor.

IN DEVELOPMENT - Smart Inspection Crawler.

Robotic rover meant for you.

Our smart inspection crawler is a fully featured inspection robot that streams video to a smart tablet. It is equipped with thermal, HD video streaming, and is highly versatile.

IN DEVELOPMENT - Custom Drones for Surveying and Inspecting.

Custom, specialized drones.

We are bringing our knowledge of drones to the rest of the world. Our drones will be capable of efficiently inspecting cell phone towers, fences, buildings, fields, roofs, and more. Versions may be equipped with photogrammetry systems, high quality imaging systems, semi or full autonomous flying and post processing assistance.

ARCHIVED - Smart Home Inspection Crawler Mini.

A Smart Mini Crawler

As a sibling to our larger smart home inspection crawler, we are creating and designing a mini-rover that is capable of moving over nearly any terrain thanks to it’s tank like tread tracks. It’s small form factors allows this rover to explore and inspect pipes, and even smaller spaces that the other can’t fit into!

Similar to our larger version, this version of a mini home inspection robot is equipped with two high torque motors. It is controlled through a provided, preconfigured tablet that allows live streaming HD 1080P video and allows image to be store directly to your smart device!

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