Introducing the


Mini Inspection Crawler

Pika - The Mini Inspection Crawler for Home Inspectors

The Pika is currently the smallest inspection tool in our rover line-up. It’s equipped with a 4K recording camera, long-range transmission* and small form-factor to let you inspect in tight spaces and crevices for the most thorough inspection possible.

Estimated Price: $1,995

Expected Date of Launch: January 2023.


1) Save Images and 4K Video

Use the provided RC remote control to save 8MP images, or to start and stop 4K video recordings. All is saved to an on-board SD card. You can also save images and videos to your through a smartphone app wirelessly.

2) Off-Roading 4WD System

Four independent high power motors allow versatile movement over rugged terrain and provide zero-turn capabilities. Zero-turning allows the crawler to rotate in place.

3) Dual-sided Functionality

Don’t worry about flipping over as you can drive the inspection crawler right-side up or upside-down as it’s made to work on both sides. This features makes it so you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck.

4) Toggleable High Lumen LEDs

Equipped with high lumen LEDs allows for vision in the darkest of environments.

8) Ease of Use

We strive to make a easy to use tools. This means we provide everything pre-configured and ready to use! No extra hassle!



11.5"W x 10.7"L x 4.5"H

Battery Duration

XXHR Continuous (Full Throttle) (TBD)

Control Transmission Distance

XXXXft Line of Sight (TBD)

XXXXft Interior (TBD)

Video Transmission Distance

XXXXft Line of Sight (TBD)

XXXXft Interior (TBD)

Video Recording Quality

4K @ 30fps

1080P @ 120fps

NOTE: Videos are saved to an onboard (included) SD card.

Image Saving Quality


NOTE: Images are saved to an onboard (included) SD card.

What's Included?

Pika - Mini Inspection Crawler (x1)
RC Transmitter Controller (x1)
7" Video Monitor (x1)
2200mAh Lipo Battery (x2)
3S LiPo Battery Balance Charger (x1)

Pika Mini Inspection Crawler Photo Gallery

Benefits of Purchasing our Inspection Rover

1) Thorough Inspections

Inspect all nooks and crannies of inaccessible locations that are difficult to crawl to or put a camera on a pole to view.

2) Improve your Safety

Remove the risk of crawling through areas home to a multiude of hazards such as fungus, molds, rodents, insects, snakes, etc.

2) Decrease Liability

Have pre-saved images backed up from a thorough inspection so you can go back and view them if you need to in the future.

3) Use as a Marketing Tool

Prove to your customer you are prepared for any job and have a toolset greater than your competitors!

4) Support Local Businesses

By purchasing with us, you are supporting a US, Wyoming based company striving to bring opportunities in tech and STEM to the state of Wyoming, all while supporting the trades!

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