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The Team Behind UplinkRobotics.

Our Team

Christian Bitzas Portrait - UplinkRobotics LLC Employee - Co-Founder and Engineer
CEO | Engineer | Co-Founder

Christian Bitzas

Christian is a computer engineer with years of electronics and R&D experience from being an undergraduate student researcher, Summer employment at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and Raytheon Missiles & Defense. Christian is currently a Master’s Electrical Engineering student at the University of Wyoming.

Head Of Marketing | Co-Founder

Zoë Worthen

Zoë has a degree in business management for entrepreneurship. She specializes in business strategies and her sole goal is to help others. Zoë is currently pursuing her Master of Business Administration from the University of Wyoming.

Zoe Worthen Profile Picture - UplinkRobotics Laramie Wyoming
Brady Wagstaff Portrait - UplinkRobotics LLC Employee - Co-Founder and Engineer
Head of Engineering | Co-Founder

Brady Wagstaff

Brady is a computer engineer with a passion for drones. For many years, he has developed custom drones for companies such as Simplot and is exploring autonomous indoor flying drones while being an undergraduate student researcher. He is currently pursuing a Master’s of Electrical Engineering.

Head of Software | Co-Founder

Oreoluwa Babatunde

Oreoluwa is a computer engineer who enjoys math and programming. He enjoys programming on both the high and low level. Ore is currently a software engineer for Qualcomm in San Diego, California.

Oreoluwa Babatunde Portrait - UplinkRobotics LLC Employee

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