Our Mission

UplinkRobotics Strives to Bring Opportunities to the State of Wyoming.

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Our Mission

UplinkRobotics LLC is a Wyoming base inspection robotics company, driven to support our local economy and make customer’s jobs easier, safer, and more rewarding. Our mission is to not only help  inspectors, firefighters, ranchers, and others by provided specialized tools, but we are striving to bring opportunities in engineering and STEM to the state of Wyoming. 

Our Current Contributions To Our Mission

-> Working with the University of Wyoming's College of Business

UplinkRobotics is working with various professors at the University of Wyoming to provide students an opportunity to learn about value propositions and business models. To help students gain valuable real-world experience, we worked with two groups of undergraduate students who goals was to find alternate markets for us to enter. Additionally, we worked with a group of MBA students to improve our overall business model. They provided information on which customers were interested in our product, what features they wanted, and how much they were willing to pay. This helped us focus our product better on our current market of home inspectors as well as prepare for the future, all while providing valuable experience to a number of students.

-> Working with the University of Wyoming's College of Engineering and Physical Science

UplinkRobotics is sponsoring a Senior Design project which provides 3 University of Wyoming students funding to explore the realm of robotics. These three students are currently developing a mini inspection robot along with an HD streaming video system to help improve the jobs of many inspectors!

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