Rotatable Gimbal

Flippable Platform

High Lumen LEDs

Versatile 4WD

Starting From $1,495

A Capable 4WD System with Zero Turn Functionality

Move Over the Most Difficult Terrain

Functional When Flipped Upside Down

Never Crawl Into A Tight, Dark, Dirty Place EVER Again

Universal Action Camera Mount with Rotatable Gimbal System

Inspect The High And Lows With a Flip of a Switch

Equipped With Toggleable High Lumen LEDS

Light Up The Darkest of Crawl Spaces

The Mink is an inspection robot developed to inspect dark and tight spaces such as crawlspaces. 

The Mink can be equipped with many types of action cameras such as a GoPro. The action camera takes care of video streaming, image capturing, and high quality video capturing. The quality of captured footage and photos are improved by the toggleable high lumen LEDs.

Don’t worry about flipping over in a hard to reach place. When flipped, the Mink is still completely drivable upside-down to ensure you can retrieve it safety.

What’s Included?
Mink- GoPro Inspection Crawler (x1)
RC Transmitter Controller (x1)
6000mAh Lipo Battery (x2)
3S LiPo Battery Balance Charger (x1)

Note: GoPro/Action Camera is not included. This crawler is being designed to universally hold video-streaming GoPros.

Technical Specifications

Video Streaming Video Streaming is done using a video streaming action camera or GoPro.
Image Size / Resolution Image sizing is dependent on the action camera utilized with the Mink Inspection Rover.
Video Resolution Video Resolution is dependent on the action camera utilized with the Mink Inspection Rover.
Control Distance TBD
Camera Rotation +/- 55 Deg.
Battery Life TBD
Max Speed TBD
Max Torque TBD

Benefits of Purchasing our Inspection Rover

1) Thorough Inspections

Inspect all nooks and crannies of inaccessible locations that are difficult to crawl to or put a camera on a pole to view.

2) Improve your Safety

Remove the risk of crawling through areas home to a multiude of hazards such as fungus, molds, rodents, insects, snakes, etc.

2) Decrease Liability

Have pre-saved images backed up from a thorough inspection so you can go back and view them if you need to in the future.

3) Use as a Marketing Tool

Prove to your customer you are prepared for any job and have a toolset greater than your competitors!

4) Support Local Businesses

By purchasing with us, you are supporting a US, Wyoming based company striving to bring opportunities in tech and STEM to the state of Wyoming, all while supporting the trades!

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