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Marten Home & Pest Inspection Crawler

Our Flagship Inspection Crawler.

The Marten is a professional inspection crawler designed to enter deep dark places, such as crawlspaces! Equipped with analog video streaming, a rotating camera, 4K video capture, and 8MP image capture, it’s a flagship tool for inspectors. Don’t get stuck where you can’t reach thanks to our 4WD system and our sleek design allowing it to drive when flipped over! Worry less with our 1 year included warranty. All crawlers are shipped for free through UPS Ground.

Our Marten Features

Our crawler is a feature filled flagship to help you sell inspections to your customers!

4WD RC car driving through water puddle

4 Wheel Drive & Offroad Capability

Four independent motors let you drive over rocks and through mud with ease. Don't find yourself stuck somewhere you can't reach.

Upside down robot with camera and lights

Drive When Flipped Upside Down

Flipped in a crawlspace? Un-flip yourself with our sleek crawler design. When flipped, controls and video will be reversed, the crawler won't be immobile!

Lighting up dark environment

Symmetric Design On All Sides

The Marten's design is made to drive upside-down and be sleek to reduce the crawler catching on wires.

Zero turn snow tracks from robot

Zero-Turn Maneuverability

Turn in-place (zero-turn) allowing you to navigate and inspect small and tight locations.

Robot with lights lighting up a industrial air compressor

Switchable High Lumen LEDs

Switchable high lumen LEDs help you light up dark environments. Toggle the ambient LEDs strips and the spotlights on/off together.

Closeup LEDs and spotlight on robot

Directional Spotlight LEDs

Integrated, directional, high-lumen LEDs allow you to light up the far reaches of a crawlspace to help with image capture and navigation.

Spotlights and LEDs on camera equipped inspection robot

Capture Photos & Video

Capture 8MP images and record 4K video with the flip of the switch on the crawler controller! Images and videos are stored on an on-board SD card.

Rotatable camera gimbal system in custom inspection crawler robot

Rotatable Camera System

Look up at the ceiling and floor with a 50 degree up and down rotating camera system equipped with a 130 degree FOV camera.

Thumbscrew lid securing battery

Thumbscrew Battery Access Panel

The battery is protected by a thumbscrew lid which securely holds the battery in place.

Battery bay of inspection robot - 3S 6000mAh Lipo

Quick Swappable Battery

The Marten is equipped with a 6000mAh 3S battery that can be quickly swapped.

Inspection handle of Marten inspection tool

Protected Battery Indicator & Power Switch

A handle protects a battery level indicator and a power switch to prevent accidental turn-offs in a crawlspace.

Controller with mounted screen with inspection robot behind out of focus

Controller with Screen Mount

The Marten streams analog video to a DVR screen that mounts directly to it's controller.

Carry handle on professional inspection robot tool

Easy Lift Carry Handle

A built-in easy lift carry handle allows you to easily transport your Marten inspection crawler.

Inspection crawler robot

Assembled in the U.S.

The Marten is assembled in the U.S. and is fully tested prior to shipping. The Marten is also equipped with a 1 year warranty!

Marten Photo Gallery

Take a deeper look at our Marten!

Marten Video Gallery

Marten Technical Specifications

Explore the Deep Specifications of Our Crawler

Crawler Dimension/Sizing 14.5" x 14" x 6.5" (WxLxH)
Video Streaming Method Video streaming is completed using analog video with a 25mW video transmitter to a included DVR monitor.
Video Resolution 4K30FPS, 2.7K60FPS, 2.7K30FPS, 1080P120FPS, 1080P60FPS
Video Distance (Line Of Sight) +500ft Line Of Sight.
Video Distance (Obstructed) +250ft (Very dependent on scenario)
Image Size / Resolution 8MP
Control Distance +500ft Line Of Sight.
Camera Rotation +/- ~50 Deg.
Battery Life +7hrs Standby and +3hrs Under Typical Use
Max Speed 1.75mph (2.5 feet per second)
Water Resistance The Marten has No Official Water Resistance Rating

Custom Designed and Assembled by Engineers in the United States

This inspection robot is hand made and assembled in Wyoming by qualified engineers. UplinkRobotics LLC strives to use high quality parts sourced here in the United States. Each crawler is hand designed, 3D printed, and assembled by hand with care and due diligence to ensure you receive a quality product. We stand behind our products with confidence.


Frequency Asked Questions

Yes! The Marten will come with a 1 year warranty. More information will be coming soon.

Our Marten is NOT officially water proof or has any type of water resistance certification. Drive in puddles at your own risk.

Our crawler chasses are 3D printed. The 3D printed chassis are made using PETG plastic, which is a durable thermoplastic polyester that has high chemical and thermo resistance properties. It is also sprayed with a protective coating to protect the top layer of the chassis.

Currently, we are not shipping internationally.

We can make a custom crawlers, however the price will increase due to design costs. Please reach out to us!

  • 1x Marten Inspection Crawler With Camera System
  • 1x Crawler Battery Charger
  • 1x Transmitter Controller w/ Monitor Mount
  • 1x Pre-connected Video Streaming 7″ DVR Monitor
  • 1x Crawler Battery (6000mAh)
  • 1x Quick Guide

Yes, we do! Please contact us!

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