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Inspection Robotics, Crawlers, Drones, and More.

About Us

UplinkRobotics LLC is a Wyoming based inspection robotics start-up. We are aiming at bringing the next generation of products to home inspectors. Our initial plans are to provide a rover capable of inspecting crawlspaces and other tight spaces!

UplinkRobotics LLC Logo in White- Robot Rover under half moon with company name below.

Our Upcoming Products

1. Inspection Rover

Our inspection rover streams HD video straight to a provided tablet where images can be saved and be directly imported into your inspection software! 

2. Inspection Rover MINI

Our mini inspection rover is a smaller sibling to our ordinary inspection rover, but is equipped with a small form factor and tracks!

We Want Your Input!

We value your input and feedback and will use it to improve available robotics for home inspectors! Reach out to us in 1 of the 3 ways!


Fill out our Survey! This survey will help us plan our products in accordance to your feedback!


Email us! This is a great way for us to have detailed conversations with us taking guidance from your input!


Fill out our website contact from! This is a great way to quickly send us snippets of information you could like to share!

Why Can You Trust Us?

There are a few reasons why you should trust:

  1. We have the knowledge to do this.  We are graduating computer engineers attending graduate school the following Fall with experience in research and work at companies such as NASA.
  2. There are very few opportunities in robotics and STEM in the state of Wyoming. With our desire to stay near the outdoors, we are planning to create our own path for our careers!
  3. Wyoming puts lot’s of time and effort into aspiring start-ups including mentoring, resources, funding and more! This is because Wyoming is seeking to bring more companies and opportunities to the beautiful state!

Learn More About Us!

Need a Website?

If you, or someone you know are looking for a new website, let us know! Not only do we create robotics, but our team consists of a website freelancer with more than 4 years of experience and a portfolio of many small and large businesses throughout the United States!  We’ve created our own website as well as websites for fishing captains, home inspectors, GPS distributors, ecommerce, and more!

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