An Inspection Robot with a Camera!

Home Inspection Crawler
/ Crawl Space Rover

Robotic Inspection Tool

Our home inspection crawler is designed to enter and inspect crawlspaces, underneath houses, cabins, mobile homes, and more! It’s designed with an easy to use tablet interface with HD digital video that reaches through walls and has a long range without line of site!

Inspection crawlers are powerful tools that can help you remotely inspect locations of lower accessibility and have a multitude of uses!

Our home inspection crawler is coming soon and is planned for release in Q4 of 2022.

Current Features

1) Digital HD Video Streaming

Remotely stream HD video to a provided smart tablet allowing you to view high quality video real-time.

2) Thermal Imaging System

Stream live thermal video to help you detect heat pipes or areas of excess warmth.

3) Smart Tablet Controlled

Control the inspection crawler using a provided Android tablet that is able to be integrated directly with mobile home inspection software.

4) Off-roading 4WD System

Maneuver over any terrain with 4 independent motors featuring zero-turn ability and high torque.

5) Dual-sided Functionality

Don’t worry about flippng over as you can drive the inspection crawler right-side up or upside-down as it’s made to work on both sides. Flip the camera view with the click of a button!

6) High Lumen LEDs

Equipped with high lumen LED lightstrips allows for vision in the darkest of environments. You can even manipulate the brightness to make it dimmer or brighter!

7) Reliable Wireless Connection

Stay reliabily connected through walls and floors thansk to our 2.4GHz connection-oriented wireless access point. This is the same as your home Wi-Fi router!

8) Ease of Use

We strive to make something that is easy to use. This means we provide everything pre-configured and ready to use! No extra hassle!

Inspection Crawler Prototype Gallery

Inspection Crawler Prototype Renders

Technical Specifications

  • Chassis: Developed with <500grams high quality PETG protected by galvanizing spray.
  • Motors: Brushless 12V, 82RPM drivered gearing motors.
  • Processor: On-board multicore processing micro-computer.
  • Control: Pre-configured Samsung A7 LITE Android Tablet.
  • Battery: 3S LiPo 5200mAh
  • Included accessories: LiPo charger, Carrying Case (Pelican protective case), Tablet, Batteries.

Benefits of Purchasing our Inspection Rover

1) Thorough Inspections

Inspect all nooks and crannies of inaccessible locations that are difficult to crawl to or put a camera on a pole to view.

2) Improve your Safety

Remove the risk of crawling through areas home to a multiude of hazards such as fungus, molds, rodents, insects, snakes, etc.

2) Decrease Liability

Have pre-saved images from a thorough inspection to show in the case of legal cases.

3) Use as a Marketing Tool

Prove to your customer you are prepared for any job and have a toolset greater than your competitors!

4) Support Local Businesses

By purchasing with us, you are supporting a US, Wyoming based company striving to bring opportunities in tech and STEM to the state of Wyoming, all while supporting the trades!

This Home Inspection Crawler Is Made For You!

UplinkRobotics LLC is making this home inspection crawler for YOU! Competition in this part of the industry is lacking and small businesses and home inspectors have few choices. As UplinkRobotics is formed by tech savvy engineers, we lack some necessary home inspection experience. Because of this, we ask for your help in developing the next generation of crawlers. We are taking any and all input into account. Please, let us know what you would like in a home inspection crawler such as specifications, price, features and anything else you can think of!

More Information Coming Soon

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All information stated on this page could or will change at any point of the development and advancement of UplinkRobotics LLC.