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UplinkRobotics Mission

UplinkRobotics LLC is a Wyoming based inspection robotics company that is driven to support our local economy and make customer’s jobs easier and more rewarding. We are supporting University students, and providing internships which is opening up more job opportunities in stem and technology. We create specialized tools for inspectors, firefighters, ranchers, law enforcement agents, contractors, and more.  

What Do We Make?

Home Inspection Crawlers.

We develop inspection crawlers aimed at helping home inspectors throughout North America. Our current crawler lineup consists of 4WD capable of inspecting crawl spaces, underneath decks, and other near inaccessible locations.

Inspection Robotics.

Not only can our products help home inspectors, but our lineups are easily customizable for other industries such as construction, firefighting, law enforcement, mining, drilling, and more!

Our Current Prototypes

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