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Our Capabilities.

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Home Inspection Robotics.

Our in-development 4WD home inspection crawler aimed at home inspectors is capable of inspecting crawl spaces, under decks, and other inaccessible locations. This product streams HD video real-time and is equipped with a thermal imaging camera system that sends images and video straight to an easy-to-use smart tablet.

Small Inspection Robotics.

Small inspection robotics can be used for pipe inspections, home inspections, construction inspections and more. Our small form factor mini-inspection robot will be equipped with tracks, an HD camera system, and an easy-to-use tablet controller. All packed into a small, durable inspection robot.

Drone Surveying and Inspecting.

Drones are an up and coming industry. We are taking advantage of this early entry into the industry by producing custom sUAS drones that are capable of surveying cell towers and fences, locating animals, analyzing roads,  and more. This is all possible due to machine learning models and high resolution imaging systems that are both on-board the drone. Mini, easy-to-use attic inspecting drones are currently being explored as well.

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Our Team

Christian Bitzas Portrait - UplinkRobotics LLC Employee - Co-Founder and Engineer
CEO | Engineer | Co-Founder

Christian Bitzas

Christian is a computer engineer with years of electronics and R&D experience from being an undergraduate student researcher, and industry experience from Summer employment at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Christian is currently working at Raytheon Missiles & Defense throughout the Summer of 2022 before pursuing a Master of Electrical Engineering in the Fall.

COO | Co-Founder

Zoe Worthen

Zoe has a degree in business management for entrepreneurialship. She specializes in business strategies and her entire goal is to help others. Currently, she is in Alaska helping various communities before pursuing her MBA (Master of Business Administration) in the Fall!

Brady Wagstaff Portrait - UplinkRobotics LLC Employee - Co-Founder and Engineer
Head of Engineering | Co-Founder

Brady Wagstaff

Brady is a computer engineer with a passion for drones. For many years, he has developed custom drones for companies such as Simplot and is exploring autonomous indoor flying drones while being an undergraduate student researcher. He is currently pursuing a Master’s of Electrical Engineering.

Head of Software | Co-Founder

Oreoluwa Babatunde

Oreoluwa is a computer engineer who enjoys math and programming. He enjoys programming on both the high and low level. Ore is currently a software engineer for Qualcomm in San Diego, California.

Oreoluwa Babatunde Portrait - UplinkRobotics LLC Employee

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